The Science

How Vasindux PEMF Therapy works.

Vasindux PEMF

The Primary PEMF Category provides low frequency magnetic stimulation consistent with the Earth’s magnetic field and frequencies found in nature and in our bodies.

These gentle, low frequencies are best for creating a healing environment and strong immune system within the body. Low frequency PEMF therapy promotes better circulation and cellular health.

Vasindux Bioresonance Therapy

The Bio Resonance PEMF Category delivers frequencies that resonate with the organs in our bodies. The underlying principle of this category is that during the therapy session, the abnormal (non-harmonic) frequencies are removed from the body, while the healthy vibrations are amplified. The Bioresonance frequencies are also known as Rife frequencies.

Vasindux Chakra Therapy

The Chakra PEMF programs apply the frequencies found in our body’s energy centers. Traditionally, Chakra techniques focus on meditation and making the energy centers within the body open and in alignment. This is now possible using external stimulation of pulsed magnetic fields that resonate with these energy centers. This category of PEMF Therapy addresses the seven main points of the Chakra energy centers along the spine.

Naturally Enhance Your Health

Sleep management and relaxation

Improved concentration and mental acuity

Improved supply and disposal of oxygenation and nutrients to the body

Increased blood flow and improved cardiac function

Improved physical strength, energy and endurance

Faster recovery time from injury and illness

Circulation and Microcirculation

Healthy circulation is one of the key components to maintaining optimal health.

PEMF therapy helps to improve blood flow through the entire vascular system, especially the micro-capillaries.

Micro-capillaries are the smallest network of blood vessels within the body. Better circulation and blood flow helps to improve oxygenation of tissues and removal of metabolic waste through healthy blood cells. Increased blood flow carries these healthy energized blood cells to all areas of the body, enabling faster recovery from injuries and encouraging a stronger immune system.

Poor Circulation Before PEMF Therapy

Improved circulation after 15 minutes on the Vasindux Pro

The Mitochondria

Stimulating the mitochondria boosts their natural production of ATP.

Cellular Stimulation

PEMF Therapy stimulates growth and healing at the cellular level.

Gentle magnetic pulses are introduced to the body which help to stimulate and repair damaged cells.

The electromagnetic field directly stimulates the mitochondria, which is the energy source of our cells.

By stimulating the mitochondria, it boosts their natural production of ATP. (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Healthy functioning cells aid in increased ATP production which leads to a natural boost of energy in the body. With optimal energy levels, our bodies are better able to fight off sickness and disease.